A Better Auto Repair Shop for Orlando Drivers

Hello! I'm Juan barrera, owner of Auto Solutions. I opened Auto Solutions because I wanted to provide a better automotive repair service for Orlando drivers than other businesses were offering. I was working in unethical shops where the owners only cared about money, not cars and definitely not customers.

With Auto Solutions, I set out to do things differently. In an industry well-known to have a bad reputation, the goal was—and is—to show people there are honest mechanics out there who take pride in their work. When I repair a problem no one else took the time to understand and fix correctly, it gives me great joy, and keeps me going.

Auto Mechanics in Orlando, FL

Meet Our Auto Repair Team

At Auto Solutions, each member of our staff has exceptional knowledge to contribute to the shop, and we learn from each other’s experiences. We work as a united team to provide you with a high quality, speedy repair.

Juan Barrera, Owner/Technician

Juan's CV
  • 13 Years of Auto Repair Experience
  • ASE Master Certified
  • L1 Advance Level Specialist Certification
  • Master Toyota Dealership Technician for 7 Years
  • Electrical & Computer Diagnostic Specialist
Auto Mechanics in Orlando, FL

Juan started working on cars right after high school. With no automotive knowledge whatsoever, but a passion and eagerness to learn, he enrolled in technical school and began working his way up from replacing tires and batteries to diagnosing complex computerized systems. Every day, Juan did research and watched videos to improve his vehicle knowledge, and it all payed off. After working for many years at a dealership in New York, he decided to move to Florida and join his best friend, Joseph, in running Auto Solutions.

At Auto Solutions, Juan specializes in electrical and computer diagnostics of both foreign and domestic vehicles. He also answers calls, writes up estimates, and generally takes care of our customers’ needs, always making sure every job is completed properly and in a timely manner. Juan is very knowledgeable and will readily answer any questions about our service.

Gonzalo Agudo, Service Advisor

Gonzalo's CV
  • 5 years customer service experience
  • 4 years automotive repair experience
  • Knowledge of German vehicles
Auto Mechanics in Orlando, FL

Gonzalo fell in love with cars at the young age of 12. When he was finally old enough to begin working and afford a car, his passion blossomed into what it is today. His passion for motorsports has brought him far and has taught him a vast amount over the years as he has pursued this hobby on his own. Gonzalo loves working with cars and providing the absolute best customer service he can to his clients. He has 5 years' worth of experience in customer service, and for him this is much more than just a job. He gets to live and work in the field he loves every day while also getting the opportunity to help clients fix their vehicles and establish a trust between each other. It is this very passion for cars that makes Gonzalo so exceptionally well at his job and relaying information to the customer so they can feel informed and safe with whatever auto repairs they might require.

Will Bohlander, Auto Repair Mechanic

Will's CV
  • 10+ years customer service experience
  • 10+ years in the auto repair industry
  • Speciality is domestic cars
Auto Mechanics in Orlando, FL

William has had a passion for cars ever since he was little. Once he turned 16 and began owning his own vehicles his love for cars has developed into an extreme passion for auto repair service. For the past three years William has been building cars to race, from full motor rebuilds to suspension and electronics. His speciality is domestic cars, building both four cylinders and V8s. William spends most of his free time away from the shop working on his own projects such as his own car or a friends car. He loves working on cars and is very eager to work for you!